Paint  Correction and Protection

What is Paint Protection?

Paint Protection is a protective coating that is applied over your car's paint. It bonds stronger, protects better, and lasts longer than old-style automotive polishes.

Paint Protection will:

  • Protect your car from environmental damage.

  • Help maintain your car's value.

  • Help keep your car looking cleaner for longer.

  • Make your car easier to keep clean.

  • Produce a deep mirror shine you can be proud of.

           We have a range of Paint Protection options lasting up to 5 years and also Wheel, Windscreen and Trim Coatings suitable for all cars.

          Our Protective Coatings are Highly Durable against bird droppings, tree sap, waters stains and are UV Resistant. They also add Deep Show Car Gloss and Hydrophobic Water Repelling Qualities making it much easier to maintain. 

   Ceramic coating Paint Correction and protection  lasting up to 5 years 

  $500Hatch/sedan/Wagon                      $600 for SUV/4WD/Van

Approx time 10 hours

          Wheels Removed and Coated (4 Wheels)

          Wheels  Coating  ($250)

Approx time 4-5 hours

Windscreen and Glass Protection($150)



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